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Thursday, 18 November

11am – 12pm CEST



The German Supply Chain Act: Implications for your business and learnings for an EU regulation

This session is targeted to companies that are directly or indirectly affected by the German Supply Chain Act or those who want to prepare for the planned EU regulation. We cover requirements, implementation and Q&A.


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The Lieferkettengesetz – Adopted by parliament: What you need to know

  • Changes & clarifications in the final draft bill
  • A closer look at liability & sanctions, scope of application & applicability and documentation
  • Timeline: What are the next steps?

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The Lieferkettengesetz: A closer look from a legal & business perspective

  • What do affected companies and SMEs need to know now?
  • What challenges do procurement and legal teams face? 
  • A close look at the current draft bill – legal and business questions answered

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How to drive sustainability and achieve carbon neutral goals in healthcare procurement

  • How can procurement contribute to the corporate sustainability strategy
  • Insights & best practices from the NHS (UK) and MEDIAN Rehabilitation Clinics (GER)
  • How to leverage smart tech – a look at the IntegrityNext solution

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The Net-Zero challenge: Procurement's vital role in climate action

  • Why are scope 3 emissions crucial to meeting net-zero targets?
  • What climate action measures are companies taking?
  • How can procurement contribute to a carbon-neutral future?

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Procurement & sustainability – why tech is the smartest bet

  • Driving sustainable procurement using smart tech
  • Integrating sustainability into systems & processes
  • First-hand insights from our customers OSRAM and Swiss Re

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The essential success factors to meet your sustainability goals

  • Latest sustainability research by Procurement Leaders
  • 5 tips for a best-in-class sustainability strategy by Nick Heine, IntegrityNext
  • First-hand CPO insights by Markus Mirgeler, Clariant

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LinkedIn Live: Gaining supply chain transparency to meet sustainability goals

  • How does procurement turn supply chain data into sustainability-driven decision-making?
  • How can procurement make use of process and tech to drive ROI from supplier partnerships?

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Enriching SAP Ariba solutions with IntegrityNext sustainability data

  • How to enrich SAP Ariba with sustainability data
  • How does the IntegrityNext integration into SAP Ariba work?
  • Showcasing Integration best practices

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How to ensure supplier sustainability & compliance (German)

  • How to meet sustainability demands from all stakeholders
  • Integrating sustainability and compliance in procurement
  • How to digitize and automate the process

Driving Sustainability in the Supply Chain

Who is making demands, what challenges do procurement teams face and how can you tackle them?

A starter guide to approaching sustainability in the supply chain by taking a tech-anabled approach with IntegrityNext.

Case Studies

Case Study

How DMG MORI uses digitization to strengthen sustainability in the supply chain

As one of the world‘s leading manu-facturers of machine tools, DMG MORI pushes digitization on all levels. The company uses IntegrityNext to drive supply chain sustainability and automate procurement processes.

Case Study

How Swisslog delivers future-proof solutions by committing to supply chain sustainability

With the IntegrityNext solution, Swisslog ensures a sustainable supply chain, which in turn has a positive impact on the value chains of its customers. Learn how Swisslog works with IntegrityNext.

Case Study

How Swiss Re uses IntegrityNext to enable their Vendor Development Program

A leading provider of reinsurance, Swiss Re drives sustainability in all its activities. In procurement, the sustainability journey starts with achieving transparency about ESG performance in the supply chain.

KSW: Driving supply chain sustainability in Swiss public healthcare

KSW uses the IntegrityNext solution to extend the values and high standards it is led by to the supply chain and practice a responsible sourcing culture that takes industry standards and sustainability criteria into account.

Case Study

Werbemittelagentur Hagemann: Setting new sustainability standards in the merchandising industry

Werbemittelagentur Hagemann started as a supplier on the Integrity-Next platform and now uses the solution to involve its own suppliers in the development of sustainable end products that meet customer demands.

Case Study

Evotec: IntegrityNext as part of Evotec's "Sustainability in procurement" operation

Evotec is a leading drug discovery company. Learn about the company's roadmap to sustainability in procurement that includes multiple steps over the course of 2021, and integrates the IntegrityNext solution.

Case Study

White Papers

White Paper

Lieferkettengesetz: Requirements and implementation with IntegrityNext

In this white paper we show how German companies can implement the requirements from the Supply Chain Act using the IntegrityNext solution.

Strategy Report

Building a procurement sustainability programme

How to improve conditions in the supply chain and provide additional value to the business? This report highlights how leading companies work with suppliers, set up their teams, and maximise their resources

White Paper

Driving sustainability in the supply chain

Learn why sustainability practices in the supply chain matter now more than ever, what challenges this poses for procurement and how to tackle them with IntegrityNext.

White Paper

The rising tide of regulatory: Procurement's duty to act

In this whitepaper we take a look at the current regulatory landscape in the area of sustainability, sustainability issues in the supply chain and what this means for procurement.

White Paper

(External) Improving sourcing decisions – not only in turbulent times

This whitepaper highlights best-in-class solutions that solve some of the most pressing strategic tasks of procurement. Learn how to add value by making smart tech investments.

White Paper

What you should know about CSR, compliance & sustainability

In this white paper jointly written with riskmethods, we explore the impact of reputational risks on businesses and how many can stem from a lack of compliance within the supply chain.


White Paper

Conflict Minerals: To source responsibly you must know the source

With the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation coming up, it's time to dive deeper into conflict mineral reporting and what this entails for procurement teams.

White Paper

Bringing Simplicity to complex supply chain management

Our solution helps companies standardize and scale an otherwise complex process. This approach can be applied to any process in supply chain management. Here's how.



5 tips for a best-in-class sustainability program

How can you take your sustainability efforts to the next level and lead the way in corporate responsibility? How can (any why must) procurement contribute to the sustainability strategy?


What does the "Lieferkettengesetz" mean for German companies?

Unless at least 50% of the companies surveyed meet the NAP requirements, the German "Lieferkettengesetz" is not far off. What does this mean for German companies?


The role of trust in COVID-19 recovery

In the recovery phase of the pandemic, trust will be crucial to driving economic rebound. We believe that procurement can help in building this trust by investing in transparent, sustainable supply chains.


5 reasons why we need to focus on sustainability not despite but because of the crisis

Sustainability isn't off the agenda because of corona. Here's why holding onto our sustainability targets is crucial during the crisis.


Are on-site audits a thing of the past?

The corona pandemic is forcing us all to rethink. Making the switch to digital offers short-term relief and long-term benefits that make us more resilient for future crises. How does this affect auditing?


6 good reasons to invest in supply chain sustainability

Supply chain sustainability is a well that is still too often untapped, but bares great potential to foster change on many levels. Read why you should invest in the sustainability of your supply chain.


"The new normal" makes supplier compliance a moving target

In the current turmoil, it's easy to fall out of compliance. However, staying on top of regulations is as important as ever.


International CSR regulations that affect German companies

Supply chains are usually international at the first tier. As a result, many German companies are not only confronted with German CSR legislation, but also have to comply with international CSR laws.


What the German CSR Directive 2014/95/EU means for companies

The implementation of the CSR Directive in Germany legally only applies to large, listed companies - nevertheless small and medium-sized companies are also directly affected.


Procurement in 2019: Sustainability will become a strategic imperative

Sustainability is no longer nice to have, it's a strategic imperative for businesses in all sectors. Procurement needs to navigate confidently through increasing regulations and heightened consumer awareness.


Leveraging the power of social media to increase transparency and identify risk

How can social media screening be used to identify your critical suppliers and issue early warnings and risk alerts?

News & Press Releases


IntegrityNext among the Spend Matters 50 to Know

Each year the 50 Providers to Know list recognizes the best-in-class companies in the procurement and supply chain market. IntegrityNext is among the top 50 industry-leading solutions for procurement in 2021.


IntegrityNext wins DEMO Virtual 2020 in 2 categories

We're thrilled to announce that IntegrityNext won DEMO Virtual 2020 in the Networks & Platforms category and was voted overall audience favourite.


IntegrityNext receives "DMG Mori Partner Award 2021"

IntegrityNext has been honored by DMG MORI, a leading global manufacturer of machine tools, with the "DMG MORI Partner Award 2021" for outstanding performance and innovation in the area of sustainability.


IntegrityNext named a Gartner Cool Vendor

We're officially cool! In the Cool Vendor reports, Gartner recognizes companies that offer innovative and impactful products or services. IntegrityNext made the list in Sourcing Technology.  


IntegrityNext is now an official SAP Silver Partner

IntegrityNext partners with SAP to provide procurement teams with streamlined access to supplier sustainability and compliance data within the SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance solution.


IntegrityNext adds Carbon Footprint Assessment

The IntegrityNext supply chain sustainability solution is now extended by a new carbon footprint assessment that enables companies to track and report on supply chain emissions to aid corporate climate action.  

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